Why Spoof App is the New Way to Make Prank Calls ?

spoofapp spoof callSpoof App are the new way to make prank calls.

With the tremendous increase in the usage of android and iOS phones, there has been an app for almost everything and its the same for spoof calling. There’s quite a few “spoofing” apps out there, however Spoof App remains to be the very best. It lets you to call anybody, and have just about any number show up as the Caller-ID.

You can just work out almost all those old pranks you where playing using this app. For example, call a co-worker and have the boss’ number show up. Call the loud partying neighbor and have the local Police Department’s number show up.

And of course, along with almost all caller-id systems today, you will not merely receive the number, you will also get the name. So if the number is stored in the phone book of your target mobile, then they will spot the calling person name instead of just the number. This makes it much more fun and interesting. Image the face your friend will get when he see the name “Police Department” on their Caller ID. 😀

Likewise, the number that you “spoof” will also be the number that appears on the recipient’s cell phone bill or online call records. The pranks can go wild and is only limited by your imagination, its both for fun and devious reasons. Moreover, spoof calling is legal (for now) and relatively cheap.

Apart from that this app also offers additional features like voice changing and call recording which could be really useful for you to pull out a epic phone call prank.
Spoof App are available for all major mobile platforms and calls are priced per minute. Check out SpoofApp website to purchase minutes. They also provide you some free demo minutes.

Is spoof calling illegal ?

spoof calling illegalSo, Are you having this big question in your mind..!

Is spoof calling illegal ?

Well, the answer is “No” as long as you just wish to have some fun without making any harassment. But if your intention is to do something criminal then then it will end up as illegal act. As far as you keep it with your friends and family and let them know about the prank calls its completely legal.

As far US government, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Caller ID Act of 2009, Caller ID spoofing in general, isn’t illegal in the US but malicious use of it for causing harm is a crime. The  H.R. 251: Truth in Caller ID Act of 2007 (to amend the Communications Act of 1934) was passed the House on June 12, 2007. As of May 2008, it had not passed the Senate or been signed by the President. But Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules do apply and prohibit telemarketers from using using spoofed, misleading, or faked caller ID information. Businesses that violate FCC laws can be fined but police and other law enforcement personnel are exempt from FCC anti-spoofing regulations.
So we can say both Yes and No to this question depending upon your intention. As long as you have no criminal intent its safe. Moreover most of the spoof calling websites which provides these services follow all these rules and regulations and are completely safe to use. To be on the safe side, it will be legal to make use these websites when trying out a spoof call.

Best Prank Call Websites to Hide Your Caller ID..!

Listing out the best prank call websites.

prank call websitePeople are getting more interested to hide their caller ID for several reasons and purposes. With the rapid development in the  VOIP technology and internet calls it has become a lot more easier and more anonymous to make prank calls. There are quite a lot of spoof calling websites but when it comes to caller id spoofing be sure to opt for a reliable company that will likely be running successfully and have great user reviews.

We have listed here, some of the best prank call websites out there.

  1. Spoofcard  (Recommended)
  2. Bluff My Call
  3. Spooftel
  4. PrankDial
  5. Calleridfaker
  6. Prankowl
Some of the website restricts you to use only the pre-recorded calls. You can just do a little bit of customization on the calling voices and scenario. However they are indeed free prank call websites. We recommend you to try out SpoofCard which is not completely free spoof calling website however you can have a spoof call trial for some minutes. It gives you a lot of features like hiding caller id, recording call and even voice changing allowing you to pull out the best prank on your friends.

Spoof Call

Spoof call

Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing

is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by changing the caller ID that appears on the receiver’s caller ID display. It can be used to make prank phone calls to your friends by making a fake caller ID appear on their phone screen. It lets you make a call appear to come from any phone number the you wish.

However, spoofing caller id can also be used for bad motives and this is considered to be illegal. But as long as it does not involve any abusive or criminal intent, its legal. You can make a phone prank as long its only intended for fun. It can be used to fool around your friends and family and give them scare or surprise by making your own unique pranks. It sure is an enjoyable experience but just remember not to take it too far and hurt someones feelings. 🙂

There are a number of prank call websites as well as caller id spoofing software’s available which can be used to bluff your call. You can either make prank calls online using these websites or use the special spoofer mobile applications which can be installed in your iOS and Android cellphones.

fake caller id

There are even free caller id spoofing providers, which lets you make free prank calls. Click below to try a free spoof call or learn more about it.

Want to know more about Spoof Calls? Check out more:

How Caller ID Spoofing Works ?

How to make a Free Spoof Call ?

free spoof callFree Spoof Call

can be made with a lot of websites available in the internet. But yet none of them provide a complete free spoof calling for unlimited minutes.
Usually the spoof calling service providers, like spoofcard, will give you a totally free call for a little bit of time so that you can have a demo on how exactly it works. There after, the spoof call vendor asks you to signup for a membership with them to enjoy call spoofing. They also provide you with live support and help on setting it up.

This free trail spoof phone call is really effective and useful for both the customers and vendors. As one can have a peek into how it works and also since it actually does allow users to make spoof call with fake caller id, most people end up in purchasing it. Moreover since there are quite a few vendors providing this, we also see a lot free spoof calling websites online. You can have a look at them in this.

The spoof calling rates for minutes are also pretty cheap and you even get bonus and free spoof call minutes for participating in their promotion deals.

Try before you buy is definitely a good catch for both and if you wish to try out a free caller id spoofing, I recommend you to try the best one listed below.

How Caller ID Spoofing Works ?

Caller id spoofing

How Caller ID Spoofing Works ?

Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing is provided as a service by a number of spoof call websites and also there are a few android and iOS applications for it. Caller ID spoofing software’s are also available which lets you to do international caller id spoofing.

Here’s one example of how spoof call works ?

A customer has to first signup with any of the spoof call providing websites like SpoofCard or AKA. He then buy a certain number of calling minutes from these vendors to make a spoof call. To make a prank phone call, he will have to login to his account registered in the spoof calling website and then enter his phone number, the actual recipient’s number, and the number chosen to appear on the recipient’s caller display. The website will then let you connect to the recipient and have a spoofed call with him/her.

This is just one method of doing it, in some other vendors they ask you to dial a number to access the service and then dial the phone numbers.

Click below to have a spoof call for free or to buy some calling minutes..!