How to call someone with a fake number?

Ever wanted to make a prank call by disguising your phone number?

Is it possible to call someone with a fake number ?

 The answer is YES !!!

Now it’s really easy if you want to make another phone number appear on someone’s phone when you are calling them using a method called spoof calling.

For example your number is 333-333-3333 and you want to make it show 222-222-2222 is calling at your receiver phone.

How to spoof a phone number?

This is done by Caller ID spoofing. This masks your real number when you are placing a phone call and lets you make any number you want to show up on the person’s phone.

There are a bunch of websites which lets you do this and we have reviewed one of them, which is offers you affordable and reliable services here.

Can I make a call from a fake number for free?

These websites also free spoof calling minutes for you to check how effective their service and have a test run. You can simply signup for these offers and make your first spoof call absolutely free.

So what you waiting for go, and prank call a friend by faking your number.


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