How Caller ID Spoofing Works ?

Caller id spoofing

How Caller ID Spoofing Works ?

Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing is provided as a service by a number of spoof call websites and also there are a few android and iOS applications for it. Caller ID spoofing software’s are also available which lets you to do international caller id spoofing.

Here’s one example of how spoof call works ?

A customer has to first signup with any of the spoof call providing websites like Try SpoofCard For Free!. He then buy a certain number of calling minutes from these vendors to make a spoof call. To make a prank phone call, he will have to login to his account registered in the spoof calling website and then enter his phone number, the actual recipient’s number, and the number chosen to appear on the recipient’s caller display. The website will then let you connect to the recipient and have a spoofed call with him/her.

This is just one method of doing it, in some other vendors they ask you to dial a number to access the service and then dial the phone numbers.

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