Why Spoof App is the New Way to Make Prank Calls ?

spoofapp spoof callSpoof App are the new way to make prank calls.

With the tremendous increase in the usage of android and iOS phones, there has been an app for almost everything and its the same for spoof calling. There’s quite a few “spoofing” apps out there, however Spoof App remains to be the very best. It lets you to call anybody, and have just about any number show up as the Caller-ID.

You can just work out almost all those old pranks you where playing using this app. For example, call a co-worker and have the boss’ number show up. Call the loud partying neighbor and have the local Police Department’s number show up.

And of course, along with almost all caller-id systems today, you will not merely receive the number, you will also get the name. So if the number is stored in the phone book of your target mobile, then they will spot the calling person name instead of just the number. This makes it much more fun and interesting. Image the face your friend will get when he see the name “Police Department” on their Caller ID. 😀

Likewise, the number that you “spoof” will also be the number that appears on the recipient’s cell phone bill or online call records. The pranks can go wild and is only limited by your imagination, its both for fun and devious reasons. Moreover, spoof calling is legal (for now) and relatively cheap.

Apart from that this app also offers additional features like voice changing and call recording which could be really useful for you to pull out a epic phone call prank.
Spoof App are available for all major mobile platforms and calls are priced per minute. Check out SpoofApp website to purchase minutes. They also provide you some free demo minutes.

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